Charity Webinar - Turning survival into success using a finance system

5th Nov 2020
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Civil society - Xledger webinar
Civil society - Xledger webinar

Xledger is proud to have sponsored the Civil Society’s Charity Finance Week for the second year.

In keeping with the overarching theme of the week, ‘Turning Crisis Into Opportunity’ our Business Development Manager, Russ Emmerson hosted a webinar on how digital transformation can help your organisation maintain its status quo in an uncertain world and also enable your organisation to grow, change and improve its finance function.

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What you'll learn from this webinar:

  • The finance functions needed to successfully transform your organisation during a pandemic
  • How to safeguard your success and maintain compliance
  • The key steps to kick-starting your transformation journey.

As a leader in charity finance and IT, this is a great opportunity for you to better understand how your organisation can continue to evolve and improve in this challenging operational climate. Watch our webinar and find out how your charity can receive the benefits other charities are already taking advantage of.