Choose the right consolidation method for your group

15th Sep 2021
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You can do financial consolidation for your group in 5 different ways and with various tools. But what is the best way to do your financial consolidation?

In this 5 Ways of Doing Your Financial Consolidation and The Differences in Your Output Guide, you will find an overview of the advantages, features, and qualifications for the different consolidation methods. We cover these methods:

  • Consolidation in Excel
  • Aggregation in ERP systems
  • Consolidation in CPM systems
  • Consolidation in BI tools
  • Consolidation in the cloud

We explain the differences and how each method affects your output based on what your needs are.

If you want to optimize the way you do consolidation or ensure your current consolidation method is the best for your group, then this guide is for you!

Download the full guide here