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Christmas payroll treats and filing those Christmas FPSs accurately

7th Dec 2021
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Christmas Traditions

Have you ever stopped to think about just how much of your time Christmas takes up? 

Most of us will have Christmas traditions passed down through the years and these get added to as family dynamics change.  A new tradition introduced in recent years is the idea of the Elf on the Shelf, a lovely idea to help children behave in the run up to the big day and yet one with unintended consequences.

Ask an adult who succumbed to this idea last year what their thoughts were this December 1st and you’ll probably hear something inconsistent like fun, stressful and time consuming! 

Not enough time!

The consumer market is awash with concepts where we now can be upsold time saving in addition to our purchased.  Today you can add your name to a card and have it sent on your behalf, while not only can you order a gift online but you can also choose to have it gift wrapped for you.  You can now have your entire Christmas dinner delivered to your door in the click of a couple of buttons or order in a chef to prepare and serve it in your own home (and they’ll do the washing up).

However, all of these ‘convenience’ services come at any additional cost. 

Payroll is a lot like the run up to Christmas; no sooner than the November payrolls are out of the way and the December ones need to be done in time for Christmas.

And payroll softwares offer time saving convenience, usually at an extra cost and normally providing a solution that is not quite as automated as they suggest.

So, why not give yourself a present and save time with truly automated, fully cloud, payroll software?

How does KeyPay save time? 

With KeyPay, automation is standard.  And when we say automation we mean as fully automated as you want to be while staying in control.

If you automate your NEST submissions, that includes automated sending and receiving of data and absolutely no requirement to log in to the NEST website and trigger the payment.

If you send a tax reminder email to your clients, that means the system sends it, fully populated with the amounts payable, the date payable, the breakdowns and the bank details every month on a specified day with no inputs from you.

E-payslips and e-AE documents are published automatically.  If you make a change, the payslip automatically updates.

If you connect your payroll to Xero, Quickbooks, Freshbooks etc then the journals will automatically post.

Once you’ve synced your HMRC details, tax codes will automatically update with no typing required.

Indeed you can fully automate your director only payrolls so that they automatically run from start to finish (including the distribution of report, journal, pension, payslip and AE notifications).

Whether the business is simple or complex, KeyPay provides a range of innovative features designed to save you time including:

  • the option to have timesheets, leave and pay runs together in one system, saving you from having to navigate these using different software. 
  • fully automated Report Packs: set up a pack containing any reports of your choosing to be sent out, whenever you like, to selected recipients.
  • fully automated pay runs, including HMRC and Pension submissions, meaning that it’s even fewer buttons that need to be pressed than ordering your Christmas shopping.

Why not let the software take on a bit more of the load and give you more time to focus on the many other important things in life?

And one final RTI thing

Remember if you pay employees early in December, then the contractual pay date should still be used in the submission, but the FPS submission should be made on or before the actual payment is made.  This is the same as last year, but it remains important to ensure that anyone on Universal Benefit does not unintentionally receive lower UB.

To find out more about these and what else we can offer you visit our website at or, even better, take a free trial here.