Cirrostratus Exedra - who run the VAT direct service - moves to Freemium Pricing

29th Sep 2019
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Cirrostratus has announced that they will are moving their MTD bridging service to a freemium model.

"We have always offered some services for no charge," said CEO John Hemming, "but we have now decided to formally move to a freemium pricing model.   Our basic MTD bridging service will be free,  but we will charge for additional services."

"There is always some scepticism", he said, "about software pricing.  The fact about software, however, is that the development investment is the same for 10 clients as 10,000 clients.  Now we have the practical experience from running a service for a year and also the investment from the sale of JHC Systems Ltd we know that we can run a free MTD bridging service with charges being made only for enhanced services."

"We have already developed all of the live Self Assessment API interfaces and also the two submission interfaces that are in sandbox, but not yet live.  Hence we know what the developent costs are because they have been incurred."

"It should be noted that Cirrostratus can provide a wide range of services beyond basic accounting through into general process management.   We have also started enhancing the Cloud Cashbook so that we are going to be in a position to offer cloud accounting services to larger organisations some time in 2020.   Because the Cloud Cashbook was developed in order to satisfy the regulatory requirements we are in a stronger position than much of the competition as we already have the digital recording and digital links to handle all of the submission interfaces."

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