Clear Books Launches Purchases App to Speed Up Data Entry

9th May 2019
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Accounting software provider Clear Books has announced the launch of a new purchases app to speed up data entry for users. The app is designed to be used either by accountants in practice or by their clients. Accountants can use the tool either to rapidly enter purchases into Clear Books, or to get their clients to actively track receipts at the time of transaction.

According to Clear Books CEO Ruth Fouracre, the new mobile functionality responds to customer requests for mobile functionality, and is the first of many developments meant to “make digital record keeping easy for both the practice and their clients”. Most software development over the past year has been MTD focused, Fouracre explains, but our app is a step in the direction of continuously improving financial technology to make digital tax easier for those impacted by the HMRC mandate.

For Clear Books, the app is the start of a growing mobile presence that levels the playing field with competitors who have existing mobile functionality or OCR integrations in the market. Further the OCR technology used in the Clear Books app is streets ahead of the competition in terms of the speed of converting the data from the receipt or bill. It’s an essential move to “benefit our 12,000 loyal end users and another reason to choose Clear Books for new customers,'' says Fouracre.

Using the app, the accountant and their clients can take a photo of a receipt or bill. Clear Books then uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to read the photo, instantly creating a purchase in Clear Books. The users can review, edit and save the expense in either the app or the main Clear Books system itself.

Fouracre emphasises that the app will continue to be developed as VIP users begin testing the app in early June. Although the app was previewed at the 2019 Accountex conference, it will take 4 weeks to move into VIP launch, with an expected public launch in the summer of 2019.

Accountants with existing Clear Books accounts can gain priority access to the app by registering for the VIP launch at Speaking at Accountex, Fouracre said: “We want as many Clear Books accountants as possible involved in the initial launch of this product, providing feedback, and helping us to be a leader in mobile accounting."