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26th Mar 2021
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This month we’ve been getting stuck into what our accountants think are Capium’s stand-out features. As we bring feature of the week to a close, we are excited to round up with client collaboration. 

Client collaboration is an innovative and important part of our software, especially now in a digital world.

Many accountants who have jumped aboard the accounting software train have seen the benefits of client collaboration to enable flexibility, and increased flexibility.

Our client collaboration portal, Capium Hub opens doors for easy communication and straightforward data transfer between you and your clients. 

Capium Hub is important for accountants today, and what makes it so different. It was created to help accountants simplify their day-to-day responsibilities. Capium has a host of great tools such as Capi-Sign, Document hosting, live dashboard, a simplified element of Bookkeeping.  

Client Collaboration is a big aspect of the platform hence why we introduced Capium Hub - its primary objective is to enable you as the accountants to get information to and from your clients as quickly and as safely as possible in line with GDPR.

Our accountant says ‘’ Capium is frighteningly easy to use and feedback from the whole team has been very easy to use as well. As a business owner sometimes I come back saying ‘’we’re going to use this’’ and hope it goes to plan. But actually, with Capium it did’’ - Alan Woods, Woods Squared - Business Growth Advisor

Capium was created to make compliance a breeze and to help you stay in business for the long-run with innovative software.

Capium hub is part of the add-ons that we provide and starts from £12.50 a month for 25 licences, £25 for 50 licences and £50 for 100 licences, £75 for 300, and £100 for 500 licences.

Plus our full suite package starts from £1.15 +VAT per client per month. Alternatively, our medium package is £0.85 +VAT per client per month. We also offer a larger package for £0.69 +VAT per client per month. 

If you're eager to learn more about the benefits of client collaboration or to hear more about how we can support your practice today, contact our product specialist today, and begin taking advantage of our innovative software.

You’ve heard from our clients and you’ve heard from us, so why not take the plunge today. 

Put it to the test. Book a demo today to find what all the buzz is about. You can also find out about our services or talk to our product specialist to find out more about how Capium can support you now. If you're interested to find out more about our services book a phone consultation today. Our support team is on hand to help you if you have any further questions. 

Listen to the full podcast and watch client collaboration in action.

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