Client Collaboration: Help Clients Help Themselves

18th Sep 2019
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There’s a lot of talk these days about ‘customer-centricity’. Behind this slightly new-agey sounding term is an old fashioned idea: that of customer service. But customer-centricity also denotes something deeper. It means integrating your clients into the processes that serve them. That means going beyond the transactive buyer-seller relationship. It’s deeper, it’s more collaborative. The internet - and specifically self-service in the cloud - makes it easy for clients to help themselves because they can access specific functionality that isn’t confined to a single location or computer. 

The benefits of self-service are obvious: Businesses can give their employees easy online access to their payroll documents and data. When you have linked an employer file to BrightPay Connect, employees can be invited to access an online self-service portal via any internet browser or through the employee smartphone app. The self-service enables employees to complete core tasks like:

  • Browse and download their history of payslips and other payroll documents.
  • View their payroll calendar, including annual leave, sick leave and parenting leave.
  • Request annual leave directly from the self-service portal. Approved requests will flow directly back down to BrightPay on the bureau’s PC or Mac.
  • View the personal details you currently hold for them, and request to make updates if there are changes to these personal details. Approved changes will flow directly back to the BrightPay desktop application.
  • Employees can access their self-service from any computer (PC or Mac), tablet (e.g. iPad), or smartphone (e.g. iPhone, Android).

That means less admin for you, the payroll bureau. And it means happier, more engaged employees for your client, too. No more laborious back-and-forth; it’s literally a click of a button. Alleviating this bureaucratic burden is fantastic, of course. But it’s important to remember what self-service in the cloud is and what it isn’t. It is a great way to devolve simple tasks to different parties and save you time to focus on core tasks. But self- service isn’t a set-and-forget scenario, either.

The advantage is, ultimately, strategic and the experience can be improved on in numerous ways. Whether it’s anticipating the types of questions that will arise from users, optimising processes or, if you’re using BrightPay Connect, for example, personalising the experience for your clients and their employees.

Client self-service is just one of the many ways that innovation is improving payroll as a service. Download our free guide for payroll bureaus where we examine innovative payroll trends affecting the future of the sector.

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