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Client communication: No more last-minute panic

3rd May 2022
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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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In the professional services industry, sometimes it doesn’t matter how organised you are. If your clients aren’t organised, it can have a domino effect. Clients being last minute with things can be a point of contention for accountants and payroll bureaus. It can become exasperating when you do the utmost to ensure you are meeting deadlines, only to be held back by clients not submitting information on time.  

In 2021, as of January 4th, 45% of the 12.1 million tax returns to be filled for that year had still not been submitted. So, while people had 9 whole months to file their tax returns, almost half still left it to the very last month to file, putting enormous pressure on accountants. Getting personal tax information from clients can be a real nightmare – it can mean calls, emails and months of chasing. Thankfully, as stress enduing as the whole process can be, it is also only an annual task, but what about getting information from payroll clients? Much like tax reruns, this is something that is often left till the last minute. When payroll information needs to be sent every month or even every week, it can feel like an ongoing battle. 

Getting payroll information from clients 

While some clients will automatically send you payroll information each pay period without having to be reminded, there will always be some that will need a few (or many) nudges, in order to get the payroll finalised on time. It is inevitably the employees who suffer if payroll is incorrect or not finalised on time, and it’s the client who must deal with the consequences of this. However, it is definitely not something you as the accountant will want to happen either. As well as the added workload, it may also damage the reputation of your practice. 

So, if you are having trouble with clients sending you payroll information on time, what can you do? It may be too time-consuming for you to phone their office every time you need information and sometimes it can be hard to get your message to the right person. Email isn’t much better as they can go unanswered for days as people’s inboxes become increasingly busy. There is a better solution. 

eliminate month end stress

An online portal to submit payroll data

By giving your clients access to their own online employer dashboard, it can allow them to input payroll information quickly and easily. 

How does it work? 

When you use BrightPay Payroll Software to run payroll, you have the option of using our cloud add-on BrightPay Connect. Through BrightPay Connect, you and your clients will have access to your own online dashboard. Through this online portal, you can send a ‘Payroll Entry Request’ to multiple clients at once, or individually. You can also select which user or employee at your client's business you would like to direct the request to, along with any further inquiries you may have. From within their employer dashboard, your client will be notified of the request. From there, they can easily add employees’ pay details, pay additions or deductions as well as details of any new employees for that pay period. Once your client is finished, they simply click a button, and the pay information will be sent straight to your own online dashboard. 

From your dashboard, you will be able to see a list of clients whose payrolls you have completed, as well as ones whom you have sent a request and are still waiting on a response. This helps you stay organised and on top of your payroll duties. If you are not satisfied with the data that has been entered by a client, you can send the request back to the client with a note on what you’re not happy with.  

Once the payroll entry part has been completed, next you need to get the payroll approved by your client. This can also be done without sending a payroll entry request to the client and is a good way of getting the client to give the final go ahead on payroll information, meaning the onus is on them to make sure everything is correct. You will also have a log of who approved the payroll and when, should any issues arise. Once the client has approved the payroll and you mark it as complete, the payroll information will automatically update in your payroll software.  

Summary: What are the benefits of using an online portal to get payroll information from clients? 

 1. Saves you time and stops mistakes 

  • Less back and forth with the client 

  • You can send requests to multiple clients at once 

  • Pay information automatically flows back to your payroll software, so no more double entry or manual entry mistakes 

 2. Saves your client time 

  • Clients don’t have to filter through emails to find your request 

  • The interface makes it as easy as possible for the client to fill out details  

  • Reminds the client to add certain details that they otherwise may have forgotten 

3. More responsibility for the client 

  • The onus is on the client to make sure everything is correct 

  • Full audit trail of who made requests and who approved pay details and when 

The Payroll Entry and Approval Feature isn’t the only benefit of using BrightPay Connect, visit our website to learn more about its other great features such as automatic cloud backup of payroll files and annual leave management. To educate your clients on the benefits of using BrightPay Connect you can send them our Client Hub document

To learn more about how BrightPay and BrightPay Connect can improve your payroll workflow, book a free online demo today.  

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