Client Satisfaction: It's not as difficult as you think

14th Aug 2019
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Everyday life has changed immensely due to the progression of technology. Technology influences all aspects of our life - so much that it’s difficult to imagine our life without the use of some sort of gadget. Many would agree that we rely heavily upon our smartphones and tablets as one of the sole means of communication; especially as we continue to integrate smartphones into every aspect of business operations. 

This should be a key consideration for all accountants when it comes to their clients. The simple fact is clients are just like us. Clients are no longer interested in printed, paper forms or hard copy material. Instead, they are increasingly looking for digital options to instantly access information on their mobile device. It is important that accountants ask themselves if they can improve the client experience with technology. 

Take payroll, for example. Clients want instant access to payroll reports, employee payslips and amounts due to HMRC. Cloud solutions, such as BrightPay Connect, give accountants the ability to invite clients to their own employer dashboard, where they can view payroll information from any device. Payslips and payroll reports are automatically available to clients as soon as you have finalised the payroll, eliminating the need for you to manually send these to clients. There’s also a ‘Client Payroll Approval’ feature, where the bureau can send a summary of the payroll run to the client before the payroll is finalised. The client can simply click ‘approve’ to authorise the payroll run instantly.

With BrightPay Connect, you can further improve client satisfaction with extra, value-added cloud features. Clients have access to an intuitive annual leave facility, the ability to upload employee documents (such as contracts of employment), and securely send employee timesheets and hours to their accountant. As advanced, mobile technologies are introduced, clients become more efficient themselves and are easier to serve where everybody benefits.

By automating time-consuming tasks, BrightPay Connect helps accountants and payroll bureaus use their time more effectively, allowing them to extend their reach to a wider network of clients. By introducing your clients to mobile technologies, you are guaranteed to improve client satisfaction, thus improving the efficiency of your practice. 

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