Cloud payroll portals: Jump on the bandwagon

14th Jun 2019
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Many organisations across a multitude of organisations are beginning to undergo their digital transformation. The accounting and payroll industries are no exception. It is now more vital than ever that businesses take action to adopt new technology and implement readily available software that can automate and streamline some of the more taxing, administrative heavy tasks.

Processing payroll doesn’t have to be the age-old tale of printing payslips, paper reports stacked high on desks, the almost revolving door of employees with requests for annual leave or the ever-growing, never organised filing cabinet. The truth is, there are accountants and payroll bureaus already looking back on these days not so fondly. Meanwhile, they are offering seamless, intuitive features to their clients and it hasn’t cost them a fortune!

BrightPay Connect is an add-on to BrightPay payroll software. While the payroll software remains desktop based, the Connect add-on unlocks a wealth of smart features for the payroll bureau and their clients.

Once BrightPay Connect is implemented, things that were previously daily tasks will become a thing of the past. No more printing, even emailing payslips. Gone are the days of sending reports to each client. Client’s can be responsible for entering their own employee’s hours and new starter information and payroll data checks and approval can be conducted by the payroll client themselves!

Thousands of payroll bureaus across the UK are already seeing the benefits. To learn more about how BrightPay Connect can benefit you and your payroll clients, join one of our online demos. The demo will show you exactly how BrightPay Connect works and the functionality it offers. They only take about 20 minutes.

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About BrightPay

BrightPay, WINNER of Payroll Software of the Year 2018 is a payroll and AE software that makes managing payroll easy. Our cloud add-on, BrightPay Connect introduces powerful online features including an automated cloud backup, online annual leave management, client payroll entry and approval and an employee self-service portal.

Book a BrightPay Connect demo today to see just how much time cloud automation and integration can save you.


Written by Cailin Reilly | BrightPay Payroll Software

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