Cloud payroll software for accountants, bookkeepers and payroll bureaux

19th May 2021
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Nomisma is used by hundreds of UK based accountants, bookkeepers and payroll bureaux to process payroll on behalf of their clients.

Accountants, bookkeepers and payroll bureaux choose us as a result of our efficiency-driven features, such as end-to-end automated payroll, pension integrations, self-posting journals, bulk payroll processing and much more.

With our cloud payroll solution, you’ll have full functionality including:

  • Auto-enrolment
  • CIS deductions
  • P11D generation and submission
  • Automated payroll
  • Payroll workflow and deadline management
  • Nomisma bookkeeping integration
  • Nomisma self-assessment integration
  • Employee & employer portals
  • Employee & employer mobile apps
  • Annual leave management

See our cloud payroll software in action:

Automated Payroll

Pension Submissions

Annual Leave Management

Stay on top of your compliance with ease

Nomisma is built with your payroll and auto-enrolment workflow in mind, from keeping track of deadlines, all the way through to filing with HMRC and many pension providers. Nomisma helps you stay on top of your compliance by enabling you to:

  • Set up payrolls and keep track of all key information
  • Based on salaries entered, Nomisma will produce pay schedules for the full tax year
  • Enter all employee details, create credentials and allow for self-service
  • Process pensions and submit directly to many providers
  • Make RTI submissions directly to HMRC, covering FPS and EPS. The submissions can even be automated!

We work with many pension providers:

  • Nest
  • Smart
  • The People's Pension
  • Aviva
  • Legal & General
  • Now

Worrying about pension submissions and compliance?

Worry no more! Using Nomisma’s cloud payroll makes your life easy! You’ll be able to keep track of the pension status of every employee, for every company you manage. Nomisma automatically calculates their pension eligibility., lLooking at all employees' ages and earnings, it determines whether they’re an ‘Eligible Jobholder’, ‘Non-Eligible Jobholder’ or an ‘Entitled Worker’.

You’ll also be able to manage postponements, enrolment letters and emails, as well as the statuses and pension scheme each employee is enrolled on. We even offer multi-scheme management, if you manage more than one pension scheme for a singular company.

Using Nomisma to run payroll manually

We’ve built Nomisma’s payroll system with efficiency-driven processes in mind, which we're always looking to improve. This is how you can streamline your process once you’re completely setup:

  • Enter the annual salary or hourly rates for all employees
  • Nomisma will put together a payroll schedule for all salaried employees. Allowing you to enter the hours worked for any staff that are paid hourly
  • Once all hours are entered, click ‘run payroll’ and review the employee pay records before finalising
  • Nomisma will automatically produce and send the payslips and employer summary, based on your chosen preference. They can be sent via email, the Nomisma portal or mobile application
  • Without leaving the platform, the RTI submission can be made directly to HMRC, along with any pension submissions to one of; Nest, Smart, Legal & General, Aviva, The People’s Pension or Now.

Using Nomisma to run payroll automatically

Extremely useful for payroll submissions that don’t change all too often. Perfect for director only limited companies who are paid a fix fee salary, normally being the national insurance threshold. But, can be used for any company – as long as you get your processes right and keep on top of any sick or holiday leave in real-time. The key is to get your payroll submission-ready before the payroll submission date itself. Here’s how you can use Nomisma’s cloud payroll to automate your payroll:

  • Enter the annual salary for all employees
  • Navigate to ‘Edit Company’ and then enable ‘Auto Payroll’ and define how and who payslips and employer summaries should be sent to
  • Done! Nomisma will then file all future FPS/EPS submissions with HMRC, send the payslips and employer summary based on your preference and post the payroll journal to the bookkeeping
  • Admin eliminated, allowing you to focus on those value-added tasks!

1,000 licence giveaway!

Our slick new bookkeeping mobile app is coming soon. To celebrate, we have 1,000 bookkeeping and payroll licences to give away. Use in-house or give them to clients. Absolutely free for 6 months. First come, first served. Start now to make life easier and more efficient for your practice and your clients.

Find out more

We offer free 1:1 demos, as well as a 14-day trial of the platform itself. If you have any questions about Nomisma, please do get in touch:

Visit:  |  Email: [email protected]  |  Phone: 020 3021 2326  |  Meet Us: Book a demo  |  Get a trial: 14-day trial