Cloud technology transforming payroll into a profit centre

13th Sep 2019
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Reflecting on his success, the famous American business tycoon and retailer James Cash Penney once said: “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”.

For accounting practices, stuck in a rut and with plateaued growth, it can be difficult to see a path forward. What’s for certain is that the same-old, same-old won’t deliver the momentum necessary for practice growth.

So where to next? The answer to your growth dilemma might be something altogether more familiar: payroll processing. Over the last few years, technology has transformed payroll services from a laborious, low margin exercise into a profit centre.

The challenge, until now, has been scale. Payroll services have been limited because it, simply put, takes a long time. And rightly so: it’s important stuff. But where technology has helped is by stripping payroll back to its bare essentials.

According to BrightPay’s estimates, many payroll bureaus are unknowingly losing 15% of their working time completing mind-numbing, repetitive admin. These tasks aren’t core payroll functions requiring your expertise and it inhibits scale.

Cloud payroll portals are making it easier and cheaper to provide payroll services at scale for all of your clients. Drudge work is automated, it’s more collaborative, and a simple, intuitive online interface speeds up your work.

Client self-service, which can be offered through BrightPay Connect, means customers can help themselves with routine tasks. They don’t need you for every little thing. The time and admin burden of payroll are substantially lessened while simultaneously the benefits of automation reduce the bureau's workload.

You can operate at scale because you’ve got the time to do so. The experience is optimised and standardised, making it easy to path for growth.

It’s now possible to offer industry-leading customer service at scale, too. Working with the right payroll provider that offers this additional layer of cloud innovation makes providing unique, personal value-added service offerings easier than ever before.

BrightPay Connect’s cloud portal acts as an in-house HR system, streamlining many internal administrative duties. Showcase your payroll bureau’s forward-thinking expertise and skills and stay ahead of the curve.

This is more than payroll processing. Industry leading software turns payroll into a pathway towards more revenue, not just an add-on or legal annoyance. It means more clients, less work and, most importantly, bigger revenues.

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