Collaborate with your clients on their accounting

7th Sep 2020
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Collaborating with your clients on their accounting can be a rewarding process. Here are some tips to help make the process easy.

Why collaborate with your clients?

Working with your clients on their accounting can have some great benefits. Your clients become more engaged in the accounting process. Plus, they will gain a hands on understanding of their finances in the process.

Meanwhile, you get all the information you need to do your job. If your client is engaged and has set deadlines for providing information, you won’t need to wait around for documents and transactions.

By saving time on day-to-day accounting, you can offer additional high value services which are beneficial to your client.

If your client is on board with collaborating on their accounting, here are a few tips to help make the process easy.

Make responsibilities clear

You need to make it clear what is your client’s responsibilities, and where the split in work is. This will help avoid duplication, or clients taking on complicated jobs that should be left to you.

These responsibilities should be outlined clearly in the letter of engagement for clarity and to manage expectations. 

Set deadlines

Let your clients know when you expect certain documents or tasks to be completed. Your clients need to know that if they are involved in their accounting, there needs to be input and responsibility from both sides.

Use automation

Set up as much automation as you can using automated or scheduled emails and calendar reminders for relevant dates. Automated accounting software features like bank feeds can also reduce the amount of time you and your clients will spend recording transactions.

Keep in contact

Have regular check ins to ensure your clients are happy with the service. This is also an opportunity to answer any questions they may have, offer guidance, or revise any processes that aren’t working well.

Use accounting software

Cloud accounting software can make collaborating with your client easier as you’re both working in the same space. Choosing an accounting software that is easy to use with automated features can make the learning process easier.

Bokio accounting software is perfect for smaller clients. It uses step-by-step processes to help record transactions, manage expenses and do invoicing. With everything in one place, you and your clients can collaborate on their accounting easily. Bokio is here to save you time on day-to-day tasks, so you can focus on offering high value advisory services instead.