Combining the cloud and HR - The benefits for Bureaux

25th Feb 2020
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Ever wonder whether your clients’ employees actually read company documents? Ever feel that the process of getting client employees to acknowledge documents is archaic and time-consuming and something that could be easily incorporated into your Payroll solutions?

Are your clients using multiple systems or paper processes to store company documents and record employee confirmations? Start offering your clients an automated, paperless HR solutions for document handling all from their payroll service, meaning bureaux can offer more value for their clients.

KeyPay’s document enhancements give employees the ability to acknowledge documents. That is, when a document is shared to an employee or group of employees, the bureaux can require that the employees formally acknowledge they have read the document.

The document is shared within KeyPay, the employee views and acknowledges the document within KeyPay and the manager can confirm who has acknowledged the document; again, all within KeyPay no need for clients to switch programs of import data over everything is paperless and handled seamlessly within one service.

Want more?

When sharing a global or individual employee document, clients can now access the following additional settings:

  1. Requires employee acknowledgement;

  2. Send notification to employee (this can be set as immediately or on a specific date);

  3. Send notification reminder (this option will appear if you have selected to send an employee notification).

Employees will receive an email informing them of a new document that needs to be reviewed and acknowledged. The link within the email will direct them to their employee dashboard. Once an employee has read the document, they will click on “Acknowledge” as confirmation. The process is then complete plus if an employee has not acknowledged the document within 5 days of receipt, they will be sent a reminder email on the 5th day and every 5 days thereafter until they do so.

Clients can:

  • Select to review an email when an employee has acknowledged a document

  • View the documents screen within the employee file to see what documents they have acknowledged

  • Conduct an employee details audit report which will show what documents an employee has acknowledged.

But what if they don't need to get an employee acknowledgement? That’s totally fine! these documents can be uploaded hassle-free saving your clients countless hours onboarding employees and sending out document updates.

Taking it mobile!

Employees can also acknowledge documents in WorkZone our mobile employee management app!

Employees will receive a push notification advising them a document has been added to their file for their review and/or acknowledgement.

Employees can easily identify documents that require acknowledgement. Not only can employees read the document from WorkZone, but they will also be able to close the loop on the process and acknowledge all documents with a pending status to rapidly reduce time spent updating employees on changing work policies.

Another awesome feature included in WorkZone for bureaux is timesheet management with employees able to submit their timesheets digitally meaning bureaux no longer need to chase their clients for payroll data, it’s all available accurate, up to date and in real-time.

Wrapping it up

Clients love value, but so do bureaux. Give your services an edge by offering your clients a system that doesn’t just make their payroll easier but makes their business easier, offer your clients a payroll system that adds value.

Check out this amazing feature if you haven’t already, at KeyPay - 30 days free.