Communicating with your Clients and capturing their data in the cloud during COVID-19

30th Mar 2020
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The country may be self-isolating but that doesn’t mean business has stopped. Never has it been more important to ensure your Clients are maintaining records of business expenses and purchases in the wake of remote working. And rather than waiting 3 months to get another bag full of receipts – or risk getting a box full dropped off at your front door – use this as an opportunity to push Clients to opt for cloud-based data capture tools for speedy data processing.

By mandating this streamlined approach, the benefit is two-fold. The Accountant is in good stead to tackle the next bout of MTD agendas and they can remove the burden of manual tasks on the Practice, which will naturally have a cost benefit.

If you have problematic Clients who refuse to make the leap, then it justifies your position to negotiate on labour costs. What you cannot afford to do is to keep doing the same work for the same price when resources are stretched and cost is king.


How To Communicate This Step Change

Difficult times often call for certainty – your Clients will expect to hear of an action plan from you. Below is an example of a letter or email you can send to your Client to assist in the communication of your new process.

Dear “Client”,

Though you may be self-isolating, there’s no reason for you to feel isolated.

As your Accountant we have been busy understanding the implications for your business and reviewing our processes.

In order for us to better service you during this time, it is essential your records are kept updated and shared with us on an ongoing basis. And for us to be able to share with you updates on how these changes may affect your business.

Unfortunately, the process of self-isolation may not end here depending on the escalation of COVID-19. With that in mind, we have selected a preferred software, “Supplier Name”, to assist in expense data capture. This software allows you to raise sales and purchase invoices, capture expense data and allows us to send you requests, deadlines and notifications of any updates we receive.

All data is made available to each of us immediately. Thus, helping us each to stay connected during this period.

It is our prerogative to ensure your business has every chance of success, now more than ever. Please could you confirm you are happy to move forward with the software and we will grant your account access to the software platform?

We would appreciate your response in this matter.

Yours Sincerely

How Can Capium Help

Capium provides Cloud Practice Software with integrations to major bookkeeping software providers. Services are integrated and include Bookkeeping, Practice Management, Payroll, Accounts Production, Corporation Tax, Self-Assessment, Bankfeeds and Data Capture tools.

Accountants using Capium can provide their Customers with access to a receipt scanning app and web dashboard for as low as 20p per Client per month. Accountants can share deadlines, tasks and documents remotely via the tools – and in turn the SME can raise sales and purchase invoices as well as capture expense data.

Data is available real-time and accessible from any device anywhere in the world.