Communication isn't what it used to be

10th Jan 2021
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"Back in the day" I recall the scramble to get budget updates out to clients, usually containing a handy quick reference guide on the latest headline tax allowances and rates - more useful to the accountant than the client!

Job done. Communcation mailed. Client protected.

That's right , the client is "protected" . In other words they believe that their accounatnt has done his or her job and kept them "up to date". Vital communcation, if anything ever was. You're not just about the dreaded end of year meeting, welcomed even less than a trip to the dentist.

Fast forward to today's constant barrage of tips, advice and enticing investment opportunities (traps). 

Who exactly is putting their name in front of your clients? Not you, that's for sure.

I recall being pestered by clients of my former employer asking why she never gave proactive advice because they heard that such and such a firm does dispense it. My sage counsel was that they should ask her directly...and that was nearly 20 years ago ! I also get the same question to this day from clients of other firms asking my opinion on the service they are (or are not) receiving.

The take away is clear, it's just a matter of what to say, how often to say, how to get the message out and how to make sure they read your message. After all, you are their trusted buisness adviser......are you not?