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Companies House Update: Fraud risks

7th Dec 2016
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Companies House doesn’t have the powers to investigate allegations of fraud, but we work closely with law enforcement agencies to help their investigations. If you suspect a company of fraudulent activity, please report it to Action Fraud

We do have certain powers to deal with some fraudulent activity:

* We can change a company’s registered office address if we’re satisfied the company isn't authorised to use it. You may use this form to apply to the registrar to change a company’s registered office address if there is a dispute over the address. 

* If a director is appointed without their knowledge or consent, they can use this form to remove their details. This can be used on a notice of appointment on or after April 6 2016.   

To help protect themselves from fraud, companies can join the PROtected Online Filing scheme

 Once they have opted in, it will mean certain documents can only be filed online, and must be filed with the company's authentication code. 

This protects companies and Limited Liability Partnerships against the risk of false filings. 

We won’t become involved in any internal company disputes. It’s the company’s responsibility to resolve disputes. If the officers in a company can’t come to a resolution, seek independent legal advice. If you have a complaint about the conduct of a company or its officers, report the matter to the Insolvency Service, who have powers of investigation. 

Use the Insolvency Service Online complaints form


Telephone: 0300 678 0017 where there is a 24 hour answerphone to request forms.

For more information, visit our website