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Consolidation Problems Sorted!

5th Feb 2020
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Award-winning cloud accounting software for multi-company businesses.

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For companies with subsidiaries, consolidating group accounts is a monthly challenge, but AccountsIQ Cloud Accounting Software can simplify the process greatly.

Many companies still copy and paste information from the accounting system into a spreadsheet to consolidate group accounts. Although this process is time consuming and unproductive and often leads to errors, companies don’t know there are better options available.

AccountsIQ provides a solution to generate complex consolidated accounts easily thanks to the latest SQL database technology.

Here are three of the most common problems with consolidating accounts and how AccountsIQ helps you avoid them:

1. Reporting structure is inflexible

The format of the reports vary depending on the accounting system. Quite often, this format doesn’t meet the needs of the company, which has to resort to using the provided format or spend time formatting the data on a spreadsheet.

Solution: AccountsIQ comes with a suite of 250 pre-built reports and also enables companies to personalise their reports and to choose how they want to export the data. This flexibility makes it easier for companies to see the exact information that they need, allowing them to analyse their performance and take the right strategic decisions.

AccountsIQ System Architecture and Coding Structure enables Flexible Reporting - see diagram below:

AccountsIQ System architecture





2. Accounts aren’t accessible in real-time

Working in Excel means that you might soon be working with outdated data, for instance if exchange rates vary.

In addition, others cannot make changes to the information or modify the file at the same time as you are working on it, because the files are located on computers instead of online.

Solution: AccountsIQ generates customised reports on the system that you don’t need to export to Excel. This brings a number of advantages, from accessing real-time information to modifying your files on various devices and different locations.

Example report from AccountsIQ

AccountsIQ Consolidation accounts screen




3. Errors and inaccuracies from excel spreadsheets

Human error is one of the biggest problems of using Excel. Even worse, mistakes can easily go unnoticed for a long period of time and correcting them can be quite time consuming.

Solution: AccountsIQ generates your custom reports automatically, thus eliminating human error and saving you valuable time that you can dedicate to more important work.

Find out why Salamanca Merchant Banking Group chose AccountsIQ for easy consolidation of their 80 entities and join one of our AccountsIQ’s webinars to find out how we can help you.

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