Content Marketing Trends for Accountants

29th Jul 2019
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Accounting firms share a unique relationship with their customers–a working partnership that is facilitated by a high level of trust. Irrespective of how long accounting firms have been in business, getting new customers and creating a buzz about their services will always be the top business goal. In the past, customer referrals, networking, etc. were the traditional means of growing one’s accounting business, but with technology advancements, the viability and success rate of these methods are fast diminishing. Online has become the new success mantra, and the absence of a digital presence is unacceptable if accounting firms want to grow their business.

Amidst the bustle of countless online trends, content marketing has emerged as the winning recipe for accountants and their accounting firms. Content is everywhere, and how accounting companies market their content online makes all the difference. Accountants can use content marketing platforms to attract clients by sharing their expertise and knowledge via targeted content creation to increase their customer base.

If you are an accountant looking to grow your accounting business, do not miss out on these top content marketing trends.


Mobile Optimised Websites

According to Smart Insights, 48% online buyers start their search on mobile devices. This trend has taken all companies that have an online presence, by storm. Accounting firms that have not yet optimised their website to become mobile-friendly are missing out on the potential to attract large numbers of customers. Even Google scours the web from the mobile browsing viewpoint. Therefore, it is an essential requisite to optimise your accounting website and make it mobile-ready. Content will have to be modified in a more crisp and precise manner for the mobile version. You will also have to ensure that the markup and primary content are not identical on the mobile and desktop versions so that your website qualifies for the mobile-first index.


Video Content

It isn’t surprising to learn that video-based content is more capable of catching viewers’ attention and holding on to it for a longer period of time. Engaging video content can change the pace of your accounting business. In its Understanding the Expanding Benefits of Marketing with Video study, the Aberdeen Group has reported that marketers who employ video-based content receive 66% more refined leads every year, along with a 54% rise in brand awareness. These numbers highlight the importance of good-quality video content in effectively marketing your accounting services. Begin with an introductory video on your accounting firm. Thereafter, regularly post small video clips about your accounting services and other value offerings. You can also curate instructional video content, and the best part is that you don’t even require a professional videographer to shoot your videos. Today, the market is replete with providers who offer free or affordable short video templates.

Another contemporary online rage is live video streaming. Use the live video streaming feature to give your potential customers a sneak peek into your accounting firm’s activities, such as webinars, conferences and events. You can also stream live videos of events and seminars that you are attending and share them online. This will not only help attract new customers but also allow you to collaborate with other accounting firms that have the same interests as yours, thereby opening the doors to industry partnerships and alliances.


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