Countingup announces journals to advance the true single accounting ledger

26th Mar 2020
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We are delighted to announce the release of a powerful new feature for accountants. From your Countingup Accountant Hub, you can now create journals for your Countingup clients. 

Countingup is the first business current account in the UK with both journals and a trial balance report. Finally, you have access to the true single ledger for your clients.

Manually update the ledger to make any adjustments needed to ensure your clients’ Countingup accounting records accurately reflect the status of their business. 

To check out the new feature in action click here.

What this means?

Our accountant partners pointed out that there are accounting transactions that impact a client that are not captured by bills, invoices or banking transactions. We worked with them to launch journals in our Accountant Hub. With the true single ledger, your clients’ accounting records are accurate. 

For your sole trader clients, banking that does the accounting means that Countingup is the leading option for migrating them to cloud accounting. 

How can I access the new journals feature?

In the Accountant Hub head to the ‘Tools’ section in the navigation menu and click on ‘Journals’. You can create new journals, delete and update them. You can view a list of every journal you have created too. To check out the new feature in action click here.

Your dedicated Countingup account manager is on hand to answer any questions. Simply e-mail [email protected].

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