Countingup - Client acquisition survey - The results

Brought to you by Countingup

You may remember a few weeks ago that we announced the Countingup 2019 Client acquisition survey. The purpose of the survey was to find out the client acquisition strategies that accountancy firms were using or planned on testing.

We had a great response from accountants and based on their replies we’ve put together a presentation setting out the results.

The results reveal what accountants think is the best client acquisition method, the methods they are planning to test in the next 12 months and the methods that firms are currently using.

Our favourite response is from the accountant currently using physical force and coercion as a key client acquisition strategy. We at Countingup, of course, don’t condone such methods!

You can download the results presentation by clicking on the link below and we’ll be putting some specific content together on the findings shortly.