Countingup closes £4m funding round led by ING Ventures

7th May 2020
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I'm pleased to announce that ING has led a £4m investment in Countingup. We're humbled to receive funding when businesses are struggling. The funds help us on our mission to make it easier to run a small business. We will be doing our best to help as many SMEs and accountants as possible. 

2.5 years ago I started on my idea to combine banking and accounting. Many people said it was a crazy idea. They said it didn't need to be done. You have banks and you have accounting software. Mike, Dave and Rob got it and joined me. We missed payday for 2 months before we secured our first funding.

Banking and accounting is a simple idea but it's been challenging to execute. Our talented team has achieved a tremendous amount. Over 20k accounts. £1bn processed in transaction volume. Our customers have £25m in their accounts. On the accounting side we've launched invoicing, bills, expenses & a tax estimate tool.

Over 750 accounting firms use our Accountant Hub which includes trial balance, balance sheet, profit and loss and journals. If you would like to see the Hub in action you can sign up here.

All this is possible because of our customers. Over 1000 have rated us 4.6/5 on Trustpilot which we're truly grateful for. 

Tim Fouracre

Founder and CEO