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Covid-19 content update from PracticeWeb

24th Mar 2020
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The Treasury building

We've heard from a number of accountants who wanted bite-sized information of all the updates of the Government's response to COVID-19 to support their clients. 

As the impact of the crisis escalates, we're fully committed to providing you with support and guidance should you need it.

Practising what we preach – that getting information out is more important than perfection right now – we've pulled together some advice and resources for you to use.

There's a briefing paper with notes on key announcements to date and advice on how to turn this information into blog posts and information pages on your firm's website.

To have this fully branded with your company branding and logo, updated live and sent to you regularly when updates are announced by the Government the cost would be £250 + VAT.

Whilst the briefing covers all the announcements in full, we have also put together a summary blog. This summarises all measures so far announced and provides up-to-date information on how you can find out more about each measure from reliable sources and help your UK business clients access the support on offer.

This blog will be updated daily as new information emerges on eligibility and how businesses can access each service or fund.

There are also two example videos – a bulletin summarising key announcements and an overview of all the business support measures from Friday 20 March

We are also producing company branded video updates every time there are key announcements.

These videos have been proving really popular with clients who have been embedding these into their blog posts and loading them onto their company social media pages.

The cost of a branded video is £125 + VAT or £300 + VAT for a bundle of three.

If you're feeling overwhelmed – a lot of us are at the moment – and want help producing content to ensure that you’re providing your clients with timely and relevant information, get in touch.

We'll be keeping these resources updated, especially as more announcements are expected daily.

Stay safe and healthy.


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