COVID’s impact on AML compliance: are you up to date?

10th Nov 2020
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The list of ways that COVID is affecting the work of accountants is extremely lengthy – and growing.

But while the coronavirus crisis continues to impact accountancy practices around the UK on a daily basis, some of the effects on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance may have gone under the radar.


Suspicious Activity Reports and ID checks

Did you know, The National Crime Agency has issued new guidance on making Suspicious Activity Reports during the pandemic?

This partly relates to the various Government COVID support schemes, grants and loans, that are likely to have attracted professional fraudsters, with temptations also for others to make dishonest claims and applications.

The complexity of identity checks – a key component of the regulations – has also risen thanks to COVID.

When taking on a new client remotely during the COVID crisis, how can accountants carry out the usual necessary tests?

How can they prove they have met their clients when requesting identity documents like a passport?

And, crucially, what methods are acceptable under the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD)?

Enormous AML fines from regulators

Above are some of the biggest questions practices might face right now in terms of AML.

And with eye-watering fines for breaches of the rules (regulators have imposed nearly £154million in penalties in 2020), it’s not something any accountant can ignore.

There is always a lot to think about when it comes to AML but the crisis the world faces has exacerbated it further, bringing fresh difficulties.

How can you quickly get up to speed?

IRIS recognises the problems posed for accountants when it comes to AML compliance in these extraordinary times.

To help, we’re running a handy 20 minute webinar on Thursday 12 November to update accountants with all the essentials you need to know.

Our AML expert Steve Murray will cover:

  • How to carry out ID checks remotely in compliance with 5MLD
  • the latest news from regulators on legislation
  • Keeping regulators and professional bodies happy
  • Terrorist financing and AML guidance from CCAB
  • Risk Assessment Processes

We’ll delve into all of these challenges accountants face – and more.

Sign up today for the free webinar.