Crunch time for accountants - is YOUR number up?

21st Mar 2021
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It's business as usual for most accountancy firms, meaning more change. Change seems to be the new normal especially as we move into post-Covid. But if there is a ONE single thing that firms need to get their head around to survive, and I really mean that they have to EMBRACE it wholeheartedly, it's this.....

Relevance . 

How many of your clients have you asked about this? Thought so.

But if they were asked, do you think that many would respond beyond a means of dealing with their compliance issues? It doesn't mean they are not grateful and that they don't get a great service.

What it does mean is that you don't add value to their business and if you are not doing that what future is there for your own business as a trusted business adviser? It won't be long until that change in expectation occurs.

So, with that in mind will your practice make it to 2030 ?   -  watch for 10 mins to discover what you need to ask yourself