Customer collaboration is key for BTCSoftware’s CEO Rob Ellis

9th Sep 2021
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Rob Ellis takes over the blog to share information on how we collaborate with our customers, and how working with clients on their tax and compliance has always been the driving force for our software. 

Rob Ellis on collaboration with customers BTCSoftware

Our first customers

We worked with our earliest customers by simply listening to their needs, understanding their pain points and trying to simplify their daily lives. Ian and I started BTCSoftware because Ian, as a busy sole practitioner, was desperate for software to make his working life easier. I won’t say which software he was using at the time because it’s still on the market but he showed me what he was using and said “surely you can write better software than this?” and that was what we set out to do – not just write better software than the one he was using, but write a product that was aimed specifically at accountants and their busy lives, and that’s exactly what we did.

Ian’s personal experience of working with his clients on their tax and compliance has always been the driving force for our software and how we run our business in collaboration with customers. It’s at the heart of our mission, to provide feature-rich, affordable accounting and tax software to simplify the lives of accountants.

I am proud that 15% of our customers have remained with us since the earliest days. It shows me and the business that we are moving forward without losing the core of what brought those early adopters to us in the first place.

Open door policy

And it’s not just the earliest customers that we listen to, we listen to all of them. We have a very active [email protected] email address where anyone can send a suggestion regarding improving any part of BTCSoftware.

With an open-door policy for ideas, I work with our Product Manager to ensure that every suggestion is considered and responded to. Obviously, not every suggestion can be accommodated but we've genuinely had some amazing ones over the years that very quickly find their way into the product.

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Events Opening up Again

One of the biggest things I’ve missed since the first lockdown started in March 2020 is meeting customers face to face at events like Accountex and the various roadshows we’ve done with the regulatory bodies and HMRC. Whilst I know our New Business team love meeting prospects at these events, for me it’s more about meeting our existing customers and listening to their ideas for product enhancements so I can’t wait to get out there again!

We were one of the first exhibitors to confirm our place at AccountingWEB live Expo way back in November 2019, who could have foreseen how long it would take to actually get to the show. So, we really can't wait for 1-2 December to get to see people at the event in Coventry, don't forget to register for your free ticket and come and say hello to the team. 

On the near horizon

We are now in full swing with planning ahead for the busy season. That involves not only working out the schedules for our extended support hours but also creating guides, videos and more to help accountants prepare for January ahead of time.

Self-Assessment season is a stressful time for our customers and anything we can do to collaborate with them to make things easier is worth considering. Despite the tiring hard work that goes into January, I always make it to midnight on the 31st with a smile on my face because of the commitment our teams show in supporting BTCSoftware customers right to the last submission.

Supporting you too

The New Business team talks with accountants every day who are looking for better software. Get in touch with the team to find out more, book a demo or request a trial.