Daily email reminders for tasks steals the show!

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You guys really do like Automation! Our newest Development Poll winner is –

Automated Daily Email reminders for Tasks

Thank you for all your votes and we look forward to implementing this for you soon.

Did you know?

You can click on the actual wording within in the client list, this then isolates those specific clients. i.e if you click on "Private Limited Company" in the legal form it will isolate all the limited companies. You could then use the 'Email All' function to send an email to just the limited companies.

So what is on offer this week?

This week, for a change, we’ve decided to host a freestyle development poll. Instead of voting for your next development, we would like you to enter your suggestions below. These will be collated and the suggestion with the most votes will win. Other suggestions will be included in future development polls.



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