Data challenges you face: insider risk and external standards

26th Feb 2020
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Data challenges you face: insider risk and external standards

Many people are in the dark about where their data is kept. The first requirement of good governance is to map your data landscape and to identify and categorise sensitive data. The good news is that smart data management systems can help you to automate this potentially labour intensive task.

Machine Learning saves time and compensates for human security frailties

Machine learning in systems such as Document Logistix’ Document Manager enables organisations to classify information at the point of upload and to train the system to make further refinements.

The system applies flexible protection, including encryption, selective redaction, read-only and other access rights.

Simplify the burden of compliance

Implement a risk-based compliance score that detects anything beyond acceptable thresholds. Automation can be applied to alert you of potential breaches of CCPA, GDPR, HIPPA, ISO 27001 27018, and many more codes and practices.

Insider risk management
Proper records enable you to create risk profiles. Document Manager provides real-time updates on file activity and abnormal user behaviour.
Insider threats and external regulations

Responding safely to data requests
Identify data and information that could be the subject of a subject access request. Under GDPR organisations are required to respond to customers’ requests to delete, access and receive their personal information.

Rapid content searches in Document Manager enable you to identify and redact information prior to export, to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.

Data retention automation
Document retention policies can be automated so that information is kept for the required length of time and destroyed – Mission Impossible style – when its legal lifespan expires.

The mandated time for retention varies according to record type, and differs, for example, across accounting records, HR disciplinary documents, leaver details and pension references.

Document Manager is a secure central hub of information that allows you to automate the classification of information you hold, and how it is managed, viewed and shared. The system reduces what used to take months and years of manual labour to seconds and minutes of store, search and retrieve functions. The system embeds compliant-sensitive procedures in your business processes and automates best practice. Find out more aout the benefits of machine learning and automated data control and compliance at