Deliver outstanding service through Clear Books partnership

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Clear Books Certified Partner Programme helps you deliver outstanding service to your clients by providing you with personalised training in areas such as marketing, exposure and making connections.

We offer our SME clients everything from accounting and payroll software to onsite training, but did you know that we are also a firm favourite with accountants?

We’re built by accountants, for accountants, who love serving the SME community. This is why we’ve included features such as multi-currency and CIS capabilities as well as a mileage tool, in our software. It is also why we have created the Clear Books Certified Partner Programme, to help you deliver an outstanding service to your own SME clients.

Why join the Clear Books Certified Partner Programme?

We provide quick and easy personalised training to give you all the information you need to grow your business. We can come to your office, you can come to our premises for a training day or we can provide online one-to-one training.

Every accounting practice is different, with different specialities and services, so we tailor our training sessions specifically to meet your individual needs. That way, the information you gain will be the information you need.

These are the areas covered on our programme:

  • Marketing training: Marketing is probably not on your core list of skills and although sometimes it can seem as if it doesn’t get you anywhere, it is on the “necessary evil” list if you want to grow your firm. We want to make marketing as easy as possible for those who have completed our Certified Partner Programme. Our marketing training will help you reach a wider audience and grow your practice, with minimal stress. After completion of the programme, you will have access as one of our guest blogs as well as one Clear Books blog post highlighting your practice.
  • Boost your credibility: With a crowded marketplace, it makes sense to seize any opportunity to display your professionalism and your commitment to your industry to show you are above your competition. You can prove this commitment by using the Clear Books Certified Partner email signature, website badge, certificate and window sticker that we provide you with during the Certified Partner Programme.
  • Making the most of our software: We want to make sure that you are getting the most of the Clear Books product range, so we provide you with personalised training to help you discover more features. You can then pass the benefits of this additional knowledge on to your clients. Also, Clear Books Certified Partners get early access to new products and features and can participate in Product Roadmap forums to make suggestions about new products or features that you’d like to see from Clear Books.
  • Get exposure for your practice: You could be the best accountant in the world, and still, without the right exposure and the right leads, you won’t make the progress you want. As a Clear Books Certified Partner, you will enjoy an enhanced exposure on our directory of accountants, making it clear that you are an expert at using the Clear Books programme.
  • Make connections: While improving your marketing skills and increasing your exposure are both vital for helping you grow your practice, nothing can compare to a hot lead! As a Certified Partner, we can match you with clients in your area, who are looking for a practice just like yours.

You love what you do — and you’re great at it. Now learn how to let everyone else know! Build your practice, develop your skills, and get the support of an accounting software company that really loves accountants.

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