Discover your hidden sales talents to drive practice growth

1st Jan 2021
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Accountants and salespeople - typically seen as polar opposites, the staid and boring as opposed to the outward looking and engaging personality. 

There might well be more than a grain of truth in this but stand back and ask yourself honestly whether you really have tried to sell your services. Most of you probably have not but if you really tried properly and had a proper plan for doing so, you might well be amazed at your innate talents.

While studying accountancy I recall being advised by a successful older acquaintance that I sales is a solid career path, which at the time and given my mindset seemed an anathema to me.

Many salespeople are born to sell, it's linked to their personality, but there are plenty of people in all walks of life who don't realise their hidden talents because they have never tried.

I know this because I have made that journey. I may not have been a shrinking violet, but I had never been properly been put into a position where I had to sell myself....until I was. I found it fascinating and have never looked back. Hard work.....for sure, but immensely rewarding, literally. 

When it comes to promoting your practice why leave it to a thrid party, after all nobody knows your business and your skills better than you do. 

A little bit of research and some basic training on sales techniques, plus a good dose of trial and error, will let you find out within a few months whether or not you have the ability to grow your practice to the next level by actively promoting yourself in a sales setting.

 After all, you got going from scratch so you can't be completely inept at selling!