Does your accounting software mean you still need to do further manipulation in Excel?

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As businesses grow in complexity and transaction volumes, some of the typical starter systems begin to creak. Many Finance leaders put off the change, sweeping it under the mat until next quarter, next year while processes become ever more cumbersome. 

There are distinct advantages in acting promptly to upgrade systems once the need presents itself.  Delaying a move to more sophisticated accounting simply exacerbates the problem, expending time and energy to work within the confines of a system which no longer meets needs. 

In this new guide, Darren Cran, AccountsIQ, explains the symptoms of a company, which should be looking at more sophisticated accounting and what steps they ought to take to ensure the correct decisions are made when sourcing new systems.

The acid test is when you cannot improve your processes further because your technology and software is holding you back.  Darren Cran, UK Managing Director, AccountsIQ.

Outgrown your Accounting Software GuideAre you outgrowing your accounting software? This guide reveals the tell-tale signs it’s time to upgrade, either for your own practice, your clients or your own business. We also highlight the key factors to consider once you've made the decision to upgrade. 

What you'll learn:

  • The Reasons You Need to Change Accounting software
  • Four Things to Bear in Mind Once You’ve Made the Decision to Upgrade

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