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Don’t let stress ruin 2023

24th Jan 2023
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As January draws to an end, you’re probably dreaming of slightly less stressful days. (Unless Jan 31st means nothing to you.) 

If we’ve learned anything from recent years, it's that your mental wellbeing – and that of your employees – has to come first. We take a look at a few ways to reduce the risk of stress and burnout this year. 

don't stress 2023

Keep an eye on overtime  

Do you know exactly how many hours your employees are working? By tracking time, not only can you see how profitable each client is for your business, you can also make sure employees aren’t overdoing it. Encourage breaks away from the desk (and the phone) and time off. 

If your staff are constantly eating into their own time to meet deadlines, could you consider hiring part time staff, outsourcing services or divvying up your clients in a different way?

Review your priorities – and be strict with yourself 

Something magical happens when you decide that exercise, relaxing, tucking the kids in… takes priority. If you belong to a sports team or you’ve ever been in a theatre production, you know that nothing can come in the way of that – you let too many people down. 

If adding more responsibility to your week doesn’t sound stress-free, pretend that the thing you need more of in your life to relax is as important as being the lead in a play or on a sports team. As long as you don’t miss deadlines, your clients will understand if things need to be pushed back a little, especially when you remind them that you’re human too. 

Back to work blues – begone 

Going on holiday just means you have a mountain of work waiting for you when you get back, right? Not necessarily. Practice management software can give you a few ways to break this cycle. 

Carve out ‘light traffic’ periods  

Alongside compliance deadlines, you can set target dates for jobs in Bright's practice management solution, AccountancyManager. This means you can get some control around when your busy and lighter periods are.  

Chase clients according to target dates 

The automated record requests and reminders can help to gather records from clients at different periods in the year too. So you can work on things like Self Assessment throughout the year. 

Easily share or reallocate work

In AccountancyManager you can move jobs between people or temporarily reallocate work. Simply reassign tasks and subtasks and these will be added to the task list of your ‘covering’ staff member. They can also access to all the details, documents and emails they need. 

Try a working holiday 

The team over at striveX – a Reading-based practice owned by Rachel and James Harris – took their team over to Spain last summer. Instead of shutting up shop, they continued to work and support their clients exactly as they do at home. 

Having AccountancyManager is a bit like being able to pick up your practice and move it to, well, Spain if you like. All your client details are there securely saved on the cloud, all your incoming and outgoing client emails are captured and recorded, clients can upload documents to their portal and of course you can onboard new clients entirely through AccountancyManager. 

Give your team some flexibility  

You don’t have to move everyone to Spain to give your employees flexibility. When you have practice management software that keeps everyone on the same page, you can let your team work where and when they like.  

The client timeline is useful for tracking every change to client details, the task list shows where everyone (and job) is up to and you can post urgent notes on client files that no one can miss.  

Recent research has shown that people do like the option of coming into the office, but it’s worth finding out how your team feels about your current policies.  

When too much technology is a bad thing 

When businesses moved into home offices, sometimes people used apps and software… that perhaps weren’t chosen by the business. In cyber security circles this is known as shadow IT – and security is just part of the problem.  

Review your technology use by asking everyone to track what they use each day. Priority number one is to make sure you’re not sending any sensitive information over email or other potentially risky channels. (AccountancyManager is two-factor authenticated and so is the portal.) Then make sure you’re not paying for anything you don’t use or that your employees don’t like.  

Mental health days and dogs in the office 

Look into how other companies are combating stress and burnout – and don’t feel like you have to bring dogs in if it doesn’t suit you. We know from experience that not everyone likes having dogs in the office but many of our users swear by it.  

Legally, there’s no difference between having time off for a physical or mental ailment. Including ‘mental health’ sickness days in your benefits is just one way of offering understanding and support to mental wellness. Opening up the conversation, so employees feel comfortable going to management when they feel stressed or mentally unwell is the first – crucial – step. 

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