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3rd Aug 2021
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MTD Question Time with TaxCalc:
Everything you wanted to know about MTD for Income Tax but were afraid to ask.

MTD Q&A Webinar

Chartered Tax Adviser and MTD expert Dean Shepherd is on hand to give you and your team a back-to-basics illustration of the key information you and your clients need to know in preparation for MTD for Income Tax going live in April 2023.

This will be a 30 min presentation with Q&A’s at the end where we will do our best to answer every question!

Join the webinar to discover;


  • What MTD for Income Tax will mean for you and your practice
  • Who your highest risk clients are and how you will manage them
  • Key dates, deadlines and penalties
  • What tools you will need to support you
  • How MTD is an opportunity, not a threat


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