DropBox now integrates with Logical Office CRM for improved document management

5th Nov 2018
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Logical Office CRM has many features and its paperless office is one of the best.

If you save documents in Windows folders in Dropbox as your filing system you can now upgrade to a better GDPR-compatible way of working, while keeping the DropBox connection.

Emails are auto-filed from Ms-Outlook, so cutting away wasted time filing and searching for emails.

Having emails and other documents filed with job within client shows a single view of all client communication in one place, so no searching.

One mouse click sends all Logical Office client files to DropBox (or OneDrive or Google Drive) instantly so you can access all files on the move from any mobile device. See the online demo.

Logical Office LITE is now just £20+VAT per user, much less than the cost of wasted time inherent in inefficient systems.

LITE makes documents more secure, whereas in a Windows folder structure, deleting a file is not easily prevented.

LITE provides version control of documents, to track revisions without losing originals.

LITE’s template library enables sending of emails or text messages in seconds.

Sales quotations or invoices are easily created and editable in Ms-Word.

Engagement letters (e.g. ICAEW or ACCA) are accessed immediately from the template library with key data merged in automatically.

Logical Office LITE is a complete Paperless Office solution. The seamless integration of Data encryption & Portal with E-Signing complete the list of features you need to streamline client service in full compliance with GDPR.

LITE is expandable to include XERO integration, Mail Shots, Time Recording and Workflows.

Contact Logical Office now for more details about how you can solve your filing problems, turning wasted time into billable hours.

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