Empowering managers with WorkZone

3rd Apr 2020
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Employee management can cause quite a headache, from rostering to timesheets to leave and expense requests, however, a lot of these processes can either be partially done or entirely done by employees meaning bureaux can spend less time chasing payroll data such as timesheets!

WorkZone a mobile app by KeyPay shifts the responsibility of data management to employees allowing staff not only access to a range of options but the ability to manage their own data while offering bureaux full visibility for quality assurance, eliminating much of the work that goes into managing employees and improving the accuracy and reliability of data being passed to bureaux.

Excited yet!?

How does it work?

WorkZone doesn’t just allow managers to manage employees on the go. It gives managers the tools to manage staff wherever they may be! Time and attendance, leave and expenses can all be managed from the dashboard or on the go and sent straight to the employee.

Some awesome features that you (and your clients) will love include:

Expense management - employees are able to send expense requests right from their phone, no need to come in and no need to stockpile recipes again!

Leave management - Staff can request leave straight from their phone without having to call up the manager! with requests sent straight through for approval, rejection or editing.

Unavailability - Employees can set their own unavailability straight from WorkZone without having to request changes and bureaux can edit and delete existing unavailabilities right from the app or dashboard with employees notified immediately.

Timesheet management - Managers can log, edit or remove employee timesheets submitted by employees all from the palm of their hand, no need to log into a separate system or computer this also means that if employees forget to clock out they can add a timesheet anytime and submit for approval.

Rostering - The rostering view gives managers even more visibility and control over rostering able to view the current and future week rosters as well as all the details of the shifts that have been accepted helping significantly reduce rostering inefficiencies, combined with shift swapping and shift bidding enhance the tools managers have at their disposal to effectively manage their staff.

ePayslips and P60s - Forget manually uploading payslips, in KeyPay payslips are lodged automatically and P60s can be made available right from the employee portal and WorkZone. What’s more, these remain available to past employees, removing a massive headache for bureaux when old employees ask for past payslips.

What this means for bureaux?

WorkZone is more than a tool that gives administrators more power to manage employees when away from the computer. It gives bureaux the tools to manage client payroll in real-time and have access to a platform that provides reliable and consistent payroll data reducing time spent on repetitive client request or chasing up payroll information such as timesheets.

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