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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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Enhance your Payroll Services with BrightPay Connect's Online Payroll Portal

29th Jun 2020
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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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Many accountants and payroll bureaus spend a great deal of time and effort formulating ways to increase profits for their payroll service offering. Many even operate payroll as a loss leader service but that’s all changing with the help of cloud technology. Of course, producing more revenue is a time-proven way to increase profits but how do payroll bureaus go about achieving this?

One of the ways that payroll bureaus combat decreasing workforce efficiency is to make use of cloud innovations, specifically online payroll tools to streamline the payroll process. BrightPay Connect is a cloud payroll tool that can modernise payroll operations and reduce time spent on the repetitive day-to-day tasks associated with managing payroll for clients.

Let’s take a look at how BrightPay Connect is paving the way for a new era of payroll efficiency. 

BrightPay Connect is an essential cloud tool that works in tandem with BrightPay payroll software, enabling powerful extra features and benefits for bureaus. Payroll is still processed on the BrightPay desktop application but the payroll information is stored on a secure cloud server. BrightPay Connect’s online features serve to streamline many payroll and HR administration tasks.

Bureau Dashboard - Bureaus can login to their own multi-company online dashboard to access an overview of all clients’ payroll information. BrightPay Connect and BrightPay Payroll are automatically synced where the payroll information is backed up to the cloud every 15 minutes.

Client Dashboard - Clients can be invited to access their own self-service portal, which has an overview of their own employer details, payroll reports, employee contact information, employee payslips, leave request notifications and amounts due to HMRC.

Employee Self-Service - Clients have the option to invite employees to access their own self-service portal. Employees will have the ability to view all historical payslips and their contact information. Employees can edit their contact information and view other payroll documents such as their P60, contract of employment and other HR-related documentation. Annual leave information is instantly visible where employees can see a summary of leave taken and leave remaining. In addition, employees can request leave through their portal.

HMRC Payments - Clients can view HMRC payments due and also access all P30 reports showing a full breakdown of how the amounts are calculated.

Employer Calendar - Clients can access their company annual leave calendar making it easier to manage all employee leave. This is effectively a leave planner tool helping employers track and manage staff leave, especially at busy peak times.

Bureau Branding - Bureaus can add their own branding to BrightPay Connect, which will be visible on all client dashboards helping to build a stronger relationship with clients.

Client Payroll Entry - Bureaus can request their clients’ employee hours through the Client Payroll Entry Request feature. Clients will then receive a notification on their client dashboard prompting the client to enter all payroll details, including pay, leave adjustments and any new starters.

Client Payroll Approval - Bureaus can securely send a summary of the payroll run to the client for their approval before the payroll is finalised. This Client Payroll Approval feature allows clients to then check and approve the final payroll file, putting the onus on the client to ensure the payroll is 100% correct before finalisation.

Annual Leave Management Tool - Employees can request leave through BrightPay Connect and view leave remaining for the year. Where annual leave has been approved, the leave information is auto-synced back to the bureau payroll software and also appears on the employee calendar.

Access to Payroll Reports - Payroll reports set up and saved on the payroll are accessible on BrightPay Connect for viewing and can be downloaded by the client 24/7.

Automatic Cloud Backup - Client payroll files are safely secured and encrypted on the Microsoft Azure platform. Files are backed up every 15 minutes automatically and once again on file closure. The payroll files are stored chronologically and can be individually restored at any time.

Employee Smartphone and Tablet App - Employees can download their own self-service app to access their own payslip and employee information. Through the payroll app, employees have the ability to request leave, download payslips, edit personal contact information and view all leave in their calendar.

HR Document Upload - The HR document upload feature allows the HR manager to share company, team or individual-relevant HR documentation. Team plans, training documentation, health and safety documents and company handbooks can be made accessible to all or individual employees. 

User Access and Restrictions - BrightPay Connect has the ability to set up users with varying degrees of access. A user can be set up with restricted access and user permissions to one or several clients. Both clients and bureaus can add as many users as they like at no additional cost.

BrightPay Connect is helping more accountants enhance its payroll services every day. Book a 20 minute demo today to see how cloud technology can change your payroll offering for the better.