Exchequer reduces manual administration by two hours per day

Northern Ireland based building contractor, Russell Brothers Builders recently, with the help of Xperience', implemented 'Exchequer Construction', in order to streamline its financial management and automate the employment and tax deductions of Sub-contract labour.

Exchequer Construction incorporates a fully integrated CIS module (RCT module in Rep of Ireland) which has been developed to meet the requirements of the Construction Industry Scheme in the UK (Relevant Contracts Tax Scheme in Rep of Ireland). Exchequer Software is the only mainstream accounting software author that has developed its own fully integrated CIS/RCT compliant costing facility. The Exchequer Construction CIS/RCT module has been fully approved by the Inland Revenue in the UK and its counterpart in the Republic of Ireland.

Exchequer Construction also appealed to Russell Brothers Builders because of its ease of integration with Microsoft Excel and the software's unique drill down functionality which ensures that accurate financial information about any contract is readily available to the company.

Liz McCartan, Financial Director at Russell Brothers Builders says, 'It is imperative that we are able to complete our Year-End returns to the Inland Revenue quickly and easily in order to comply with all of the legislative aspects of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Without Exchequer Construction this would be a very time consuming and laborious task with information having to be compiled manually. However, we are now able to automate all of the key aspects of CIS and RCTS which means that we have further reduced the volume of manual administration in this side of the business.'

She continues, 'Exchequer Construction not only helps us to comply with the latest CIS legislation in the industry, but it also provides us with highly sophisticated reports that enable us to accurately track the financial status of any contract. This saves us up to two hours a day as we are no longer having to wade through reams of paper work in order to get the information we require ' with just a few clicks of the mouse button it is available at our fingertips.'

Russell Brothers Builders looked at three different accounting software solutions in the market, but chose Exchequer Construction because of its broad functionality, coupled with the professional approach and local base of systems reseller, Xperience'. McCartan says, 'We have an excellent working relationship with Xperience' and have found them to be very supportive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They took the time to understand our business requirements and were able to clearly demonstrate how Exchequer Construction could help us automate some of our core business activities, freeing up the time of staff to concentrate on other tasks.'
Xperience' now manage the support of the system as and when required from their UK head office in Lisburn, Co Antrim via a fully manned support desk and a large and expanding team of Software and Hardware engineers.