Excited accountants hail IRIS Elements – the next generation platform for accountancy firms

27th Sep 2019
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Accountants have been hailing IRIS’ latest new solution after it was unveiled at an event in London.

Hundreds of customers flocked to see the first glimpses of IRIS Elements - the next generation adaptive platform for accountancy firms – as it was revealed for the first time on Thursday.

Based in the cloud, IRIS Elements will automate many compliance tasks, easily synching with other services to instantly check Companies House data, for example, or cross-check identity documentation at the touch of a button.

Debbie Warburton, MD at GW & Co, attended the launch event and said: “I love the prospect of IRIS Elements. I've been working with them to help develop the anti-money laundering software and it’s all going to be excellent when it all goes live. It’s a great idea, great concept.”

Following the big unveiling, Imtiaz Khan, Partner at Three Leaves accountants, said: “I think it’s a fantastic product and I have already mentioned to my account manager, ‘please sign me up!’ I think it is a fantastic idea - especially how it is presented.”

IRIS Elements is not a product or service, but a client-centric adaptive platform providing a rich inventory of solutions customers can adopt at their own pace. 

At the launch, accountants heard how IRIS Elements will provide a real-time view of data, allowing them to utilise practice information and in turn, increase productivity and identify further efficiencies.

Connecting client information into a trusted view, IRIS Elements enables firms to obtain the intelligence needed to provide personalised advisory services. It connects client data to the heart of the workflow, through an ecosystem of coexisting desktop, cloud and third-party apps to improve client satisfaction.

Kevin Whitehead, owner of Prime Entry, explained changing client behaviour is a major challenge right now for his firm. He said: “Clients don’t really want accounts and tax. They obviously want to know what their tax bill is, but want the data converted into meaningful information they can consume and use to help them run better businesses. IRIS Elements, looking at what we’ve seen today, is definitely going to deliver a lot of that.”

Chris Kember, Proprietor of Sinden Thackeray Partnership, said IRIS Elements showed “a good, logical progression” of technology by IRIS and one that fits with “the way that I want to move my firm forward”.

At the event, anti-money laundering (AML) was the first solution to be demonstrated and Mr Kember said he was looking forward to this becoming cloud based rather than on the desktop.  He said: “We already have IRIS AML and it’s a great package but seeing it evolve to the cloud-based platform is going to be very helpful for us.”

Look out soon for more details about the new platform, which will help accountants future-proof their businesses.

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