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WhisperClaims is an award winning, cloud-based app specifically designed for accountants to deliver...
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Expanding our R&D tax claims offering to help empower accountants

1st Jun 2022
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WhisperClaims is an award winning, cloud-based app specifically designed for accountants to deliver...
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new Whisperclaims R&D tax software updates

R&D tax claims represent a potentially huge service line for accountancy firms, as many recognise in
their quest to move beyond compliance to the provision of advisory services. But it remains largely
untapped, explains Mike Dean, Managing Director, WhisperClaims.

At WhisperClaims, we recognise that accountants need support: support in navigating the
complexity of clients’ eligibility criteria for the tax relief scheme; support in understanding which of
their client portfolio qualifies; and support in mitigating the arduous and manual processes
associated with completing an effective and audited claim.

This comes especially as HMRC continues to conduct several consultations around the R&D Tax
Relief scheme, and has recognised the need to clamp down on what can only be described as
‘cowboy claims’. One of the measures being introduced from April 2023 is that every claim
submitted must be supported by a written report, signed off by the client and identifying the

To help accountancy firms raise stands in the R&D tax relief world, we are excited to announce the
addition of new Risk Assessment functionality within our app and a new expert Claims Review

These latest additions to both our cloud-based software platform and customer support service are
designed to help accountancy firms guide their clients to make more informed decisions about
potential claims, and ensure that submitted claims are robust and defensible.

WhisperClaims’ Risk Assessment is an automated tool in our award-winning app. Every claim
prepared is automatically assessed against a variety of factors, including company sector, size of
claim and company turnover, in order to benchmark the claim against claims for similar companies.
It then provides a rating of how likely the claim is to a) attract attention from HMRC and b) stand up
to questioning. It’s not a measure of the eligibility of a claim, but a tool to help accountants
understand the weaknesses of the claim and take steps to mitigate the highlighted risks.

The Claims Review service is a manual process whereby one of our R&D experts takes a deep-dive
into the prepared claim and any other publicly available information about the claimant company, to
produce a detailed document about the claim. The review looks at the likelihood that projects are
eligible, based on the information provided, and analyses the costs to ensure that the claim hangs

Building upon our existing Portfolio Review service, which helps firms understand which of their
clients are likely to be eligible for R&D tax relief, the services underpin our company’s mission to
help accountants and their clients successfully and effectively navigate the complexities of the

As regulated and accredited professionals, HMRC recognises that accountants are ideally positioned
to provide this service. This is why at WhisperClaims, we are committed to helping our clients raise
the standards in R&D tax relief, by providing them with the right tools to have confidence in the

Embracing tax relief R&D as part of the core service offering is now key. With the likelihood that this
will soon become a de facto part of the overall tax advice model, accountants that embrace this area
of client support will boost reputation, gain confidence, create an additional revenue stream and get
a step ahead of the competition.


Looking to expand your service offering?

Implement a new R&D tax service line or scale up an existing operation with the right tools, knowledge and support. The WhisperClaims platform gives you all the help you’ll ever need to prepare R&D tax claims for your clients.

  • 160+ firms using the WhisperClaims platform nationally
  • Over 2,200+ claims processed to date
  • £306+ million identified in eligible spend

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