FD's Guide to Group Finance Reporting: Finding a Single Version of the Truth

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In businesses where different systems are used for managing performance, it can be a challenge for Finance Directors to obtain accurate and reliable data for group finance reporting. In this practical guide AccountsIQ will help you avoid surprises and set-backs, collect accurate data and streamline your processes. 

AccountsIQ's Group Finance ReportThe Single Version of the Truth (SVOT), is a technical concept describing the ideal of having a single, centralised database which stores all of an organisation's data consistently.  The reality is, in a business where different departments use different systems for managing performance, it can be a challenge for Finance Directors to obtain accurate and reliable data for group finance reporting. When the Sales Director and the Accountant produce data from different sources, a SVOT can often be hard to find and lots of reconciliations have to be made.  In a group scenario - with consolidated results in multiple currencies - the potential for discrepancy multiplies. 

In this three-minute read, AccountsIQ’s CEO and founder, Tony Connolly explains why these inconsistencies occur and what CFOs can do to ensure the numbers are accurate and reliable.

What we'll cover:

  • Why inconsistencies occur and how to overcome them
  • Problems with the reconciliation process
  • How valid is your Sales figure?
  • Further problems with Multiple currencies
  • Will Excel solve the problem?
  • The Holy Grail of management reporting
  • Achieving SVOT with AccountsIQ

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