Fire up Your Accountancy Firm with Pandle Partnering

Brought to you by Pandle

By 2020, all your clients will be expected to make quarterly submissions through accounting software, which will replace the annual tax return. While for some clients this will mean a few simple tweaks to their accounting process, others may have more difficulty as Making Tax Digital comes into effect.

Some people will be more hesitant to make the change, citing high costs as their main concern. However, with a simple solution like Pandle, your clients could face smaller expenses and minimal training time.

Pandle was designed with simplicity in mind. We felt that some of the other software packages available were overly complicated and could end up being a real hassle for clients and accountants.

With bigger software packages, all the updates, different versions and backups can create compatibility issues. This can mean that users are spending more time managing the software than actually using it.

We would like to make life easier for your practice. This is why we’ve rolled out two different ways to partner with us.

Pandle Partner Account

With the Pandle Partner Account, you can use our software to manage your clients’ accounts with ease. You will be able to switch seamlessly between each clients’ account. To activate this seamless switching, you can either set up an account for your client on their behalf or, if they prefer, clients can set up their own accounts.

You can easily add new clients onto your system and allow them to access the account themselves to upload important information whenever necessary. This way you can work closely with your client in real time through Pandle.

Brandle option

If you would rather opt for a white-label package, Brandle will be more suited to your firm. This allows you to have the feel and benefits of your own software without the expense and hassle of creating your own. Pandle is currently the only cloud accounting software which offers a white label service to this extent.

The Brandle account means the software will appear under your own logo and branding and on your own domain with no reference to Pandle. So as far as your clients are concerned, it’s your own software. This will help to enhance your brand and add value to the service you provide for your clients.

You’re welcome to charge clients to use your Brandle account which means there’s potentially another source of revenue for you.

Your Brandle account is customisable so you can add your own content, change the text of menus and labels. You can also write up your own terms and conditions or use Pandle’s if you wish.

We’re open to new ideas, so if you’ve got something you’d like to change about Brandle, just ask. If the change will benefit Pandle for everyone then we will develop it for free. If not then we are happy to provide a quotation for any extra features.


For more information about our partner options, please visit our partner page here or get in contact with us via [email protected]