First New Pandle Feature of 2019 – Dashboard Customisation

Brought to you by Pandle

Happy New Year from Pandle! We thought we’d kick the New Year off to a good start with a brand new feature release – Dashboard Customisation.

Dashboard Customisation now enables Pandle users to customise their dashboard by selecting which financial summaries they wish to see as soon as they log in. Users can select from a list of available graphs so that all the information is available at a glance.

We’re always looking for ways to make Pandle more streamlined and time-saving and this feature does just that.

We know that businesses need to focus on a number of different financial metrics to keep everything running smoothly. However, no two businesses are the same and what’s high priority for one, might not be for another.

That’s why we wanted to make it easier to customise the information users can see. Users will no longer have to spend precious time searching through Pandle’s various financial graphs to find the one they’re looking for.

Users can also hide any financial summaries that they don’t need, clearing up the dashboard and making space for those they do need.

All users will need to do is select “Edit Dashboard” as shown below:

Dashboard Customisation

From there, users can select the dashboard views they wish to see and uncheck the ones they don’t need.

Dashboard Customisation 2

We are looking to add more financial reports to Pandle in the future, so our Dashboard Customisation will become vital for users to manage their data efficiently.  

How you can benefit from our new features

Does this sound like something that might interest your busy clients? Good news – you can partner with Pandle and use our software with your own clients for a simple solution.

Like the idea of customisable bookkeeping software? With our Brandle partnering option, you can essentially turn Pandle into your very own bookkeeping software. You’ll be able to include your own logos, colour scheme and copy – all hosted on your own domain.

If you would like more details on how Pandle could benefit your accountancy firm, simply follow this link and tell us a bit about yourself. We’ll then present you with the best partnering solution to meet your needs.