Five reasons to introduce Clear Books Micro to your SME clients

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Small business owners will have to start using some kind of bookkeeping spreadsheet so they can report their financial data to HMRC via the MTD interface. But there are better ways to do bookkeeping…

Three not-so-great options for bookkeeping templates

  1. The DIY spreadsheet: The next “shoebox method”. It’s inefficient, but it’s cheaper and seemingly easier than other methods, if you haven’t used them before. They are difficult to share between the client and the accountant in real time, and they aren’t automatically stored in the cloud.
  2. Apps: There are a few apps out there with bookkeeping templates for small businesses, but many are no more than a DIY spreadsheet that happens to open on your phone rather than your computer. Most of them aren’t designed with an accountant’s input, so they may not have the features small businesses need.
  3. An expensive, in-house option: Some accounting firms offer in-house bookkeeping templates for their clients that have more functionality than small businesses need. While this is not bad in itself, sometimes, they can be so complicated that businesses end up not using them.

Five reasons to use Clear Books Micro instead

  1. It’s free for UK SMEs: ClearBooks Micro is free for UK SME and its practice edition for accountants only costs £5 per client per month.
  2. It’s simple: We’ve been working with UK small businesses since 2008 so we know their needs and wants really well. We put that experience into making ClearBooks Micro, which has exactly what businesses need to stay MTD-compliant. What’s more, it’s incredibly easy and intuitive to use, which makes it perfect for you and your clients if technology isn’t really their thing or they don’t want to learn a new system.
  3. Everything is saved in the cloud: With ClearBooks Micro, all your clients’ data is saved in the cloud, so you and your clients don’t have to worry about last-minute searches — or panic if your computer crashes!
  4. You can easily share data: No more waiting on your clients for information. With ClearBooks Micro, you view and work with your clients’ financial data at any time.
  5. Submit VAT and MTD returns easily: With ClearBooks Micro, you can submit your clients’ returns to HMRC from the same interface you use to view their financial data. It’s as simple as you can possibly imagine — and totally MTD-compliant.

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