Five ways you can use your blog to grow your firm

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When you think about all the tasks you have to complete to take care of your firm, blogging will probably be the last thing you consider. Blogging might seem like an unnecessary addition to your workload. However, your clients and prospects are interested in what you have to say and it can help you find new business.

There is no better way of communicating with all your clients and prospects at once. Blogging is the perfect way of sharing your news and other information and persuading prospective clients to use your services.

If you decide to keep a blog, you will have to choose your content carefully to make sure you are making the most out of it. Here are five ways to do it:

1. Share valuable information with your audience

The most important thing is to write content that is useful to your audience. If you have your own practice, you are an expert, so can be sure that you have the ability to produce great content.

Remember that many clients usually find the world of accounting and finance absolutely terrifying —with your blog, you can keep them updated about the latest developments in the industry so they know what’s happening at all times.

For instance, you can explain, in simple terms, the basic principles of MTD, GDPR and other changes that will impact your clients, so that they don’t have to worry about what these will mean for them. Also, you will receive plenty of queries from your clients every time there are legislative changes, so you could save a lot of time by referring them to your blog.

2. Share news with your network

Your blog is the ideal place to share your firm’s news. If you are using new technology, or perhaps have a new staff member, share it on your blog to keep your clients updated. Let them know about the changes you are making to make sure your firm is constantly improving and finding new ways to offer value to clients.

3. Become a leader

Use your blog as a tool to be seen as an industry leader, by writing about topics that position you as such.

Show you’re at the cutting edge of accountancy, that you know your stuff, and new clients will look for you without the need to try and sell your services to them.

4. Grow your network

You can use your blog for networking by guest posting on other relevant blogs and allowing others to guest post on yours.

Additionally, if you comment and share posts by other bloggers, others will do the same with your blogs, allowing you to get to a wider number of people and grow your audience.

5. Boost your social media

Your blog and social media channels should go hand-in-hand. When you write new content for your blog, share it on social media. Once you start posting consistently, you will have evergreen content on your blog that you can share on your social media profiles to boost your social media engagement.

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