Flexible working in the world of accountancy

11th Nov 2019
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Flexible working is giving employees autonomy and improving their work-life balance. But which tools do you need to have in place to reap the benefits?

Offering flexible working options is becoming increasingly popular in organisations of all sizes. In the world of accountancy, offering employees the possibility to work from home is becoming the norm. 

This new trend could help minimise the effects of the always-on culture that is so extended in the profession. Giving employees more autonomy also makes them feel trusted and it can even increase their productivity by allowing them to work when and where it is more convenient for them.

Flexible working brings many work-life balance benefits as employees have more time to see their family, exercise and dedicate time to themselves. Working from home can be especially useful for employees with young kids, those who have to go through a lengthy daily commute and even for employers who need to save some office space.

However, practices and bureaus need to carefully consider which processes and tools will make flexible work as productive and positive as possible for everyone in the team.

Collaboration and access

Probably the most important requirement is to use software that will allow everyone to collaborate and work as usual from any location. This would have been difficult a few years ago, but thanks to the cloud, you can have everything you need online at all times.

BrightPay Connect is an add-on to BrightPay Payroll Software that you can use to view the payroll data for all your clients online, so you no longer need to be seated at your desk in the office to access the system and all the data you need to do your job. 

You can access your clients’ information from any location with your laptop or tablet - for instance, at home, at your favourite café or from your clients’ office if you have a meeting with them. And, as all your colleagues can have administrative access to the clients, you can all work as usual and collaborate in real-time.

Employee self-service and employer dashboard

Another advantage of having all the payroll information available in the cloud is the fact that you can make collaboration and access easier for your clients and their employees, giving them more autonomy and reducing the administrative burden for your firm or bureau.

Your clients can access a payslip library and other data for all their employees, view a general payroll calendar and approve annual leave, and access a schedule of HMRC payments with a breakdown of the P30 for each period and their outstanding amounts due.

At the same time, employees have their own intuitive and easy-to-use self-service portal,  which they can access on any computer, or they can even download an employee app to their tablet or smartphone. This means they can view all their payslips, access their calendar and request leave and view the personal details their employer holds for them and make changes if necessary, 24 hours a day and from any location.  

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