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Four ways to lose your clients (Four mistakes to avoid)

29th Jan 2024
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Receipt Bot is a robotic data entry assistant for accountants and bookkeepers. Leveraging the...
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Overview: Balancing client acquisition with client retention is crucial to success in any business. This article sheds light on four missteps that could result in losing clients and explores practical solutions to help accounting firms navigate these challenges successfully.  

Four ways to lose your clients (four mistakes to avoid)
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1. Lack of clear communication

Effective communication is the bedrock of trust in the accounting world. Avoid these mistakes in communication to maintain a strong connection with your clients:

  • Scope of Services: A lack of details of services with specific inclusions and exclusions can lead to confusion for the clients, both parties interpreting the situation from their perspectives.
  • Opaque Work Methodology: Not explaining the process and tools used during the service can leave clients with an element of surprise, and 'no surprise is a good surprise!'
  • Inconsistent Status Updates: Neglecting regular updates on the progress of client work, such as tax filings or audits, can leave the client nervous about the delivery.
  • Jargons: Using complex accounting terminology without clarification makes it hard for clients to understand.

Here are some tips and solutions to enhance client communication:

  • Develop standard engagement documentation with a clear scope of services and responsibilities. Consider using a CRM system to track and record client interactions.
  • Explain your approach and tools at the beginning of the engagement. Consider developing a short intro video for software they must use and provide frequently asked questions with brief responses.
  • Agree on a clear timeline with milestones and communicate the progress at each key milestone.
  • Explain accounting concepts and challenges in simple language to which a client can easily relate.   

2. Inconsistent Quality of Work

Consistency is paramount in accounting. Imagine providing a fantastic experience one month, only to have the service plummet the next. This rollercoaster of experiences confuses the clients and erodes trust. Factors that lead to inconsistent quality are the following:

  • High Staff Turnover: Different staff members handling the same client over time can lead to inconsistent service and repeat requests for similar information.
  • Inadequate Handover: A lack of smooth handover within the engagement team can cause challenges.
  • Manual and Repetitive Tasks: Reliance on manual processes increases the risk of errors and inconsistency.

To address these challenges, consider implementing the following solutions:

  • Ensure all staff undergo thorough training to understand firm protocols and formal handover takes place before changes in the engagement team. 
  • Utilize automation tools like Receipt Bot to automate repetitive bookkeeping and accounting tasks and reduce mistakes.

3. Ignoring Customer Feedback

Neglecting client feedback can severely impact your firm's relationships and reputation, hindering growth. It's essential to address this issue tactfully:

  • Ignoring Feedback: Ignoring client suggestions and complaints can erode trust.
  • One-Way Communication: Failing to engage in a two-way dialogue with clients can cause frustration.
  • Delayed Responses: A lack of timely acknowledgement and corrective action will make the client think twice.

The following are some practical solutions to implement:

  • Use technology and survey tools to engage clients and obtain systematic feedback.
  • Attend forums or platforms for regular client engagement and ensure prompt responses to client queries.
  • Motivate clients to share their good experiences, fostering a constructive and positive feedback culture.

Personal Experience: At Receipt Bot, we embody this approach: online chat for swift messages, emails for regular communication, and virtual meetings to onboard and provide support when required.

4. Lack of Innovation

In the accounting world, innovation is not just a bonus; it's a necessity. Sticking to outdated practices can result in clients looking for more tech-savvy providers:

  • Limited-Service Offerings: Limiting to traditional accounting services and not considering additional services such as virtual CFO services or advanced tax planning.
  • Inefficient Processes: Relying on manual data entry and processing leads to slower turnaround times and higher chances of errors.
  • Cybersecurity Issues: Using outdated software and systems more vulnerable to cyber threats, risking client data security.

To turn these challenges around, consider the following solutions:

  • Regularly assess and update your service offerings to include modern solutions that cater to evolving client needs.
  • Utilize tools like Receipt Bot and Xero to automate repetitive tasks, improving efficiency and accuracy.


Sustaining long-term client relationships requires avoiding common errors while adopting technological innovations and nurturing a service-oriented culture. This approach is pivotal for ensuring clarity, consistency, and ultimately cultivating a robust, trusted brand within the competitive accounting landscape. By avoiding these four mistakes, accounting firms can enhance client retention, ensuring lasting success in the ever-evolving industry.