Free E-guide on How to Create a Digital Bridge

8th Jan 2021
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Download free e-guide on how to create a digital bridge that keeps you closer to clients, colleagues and prospects

Darlington, January 8th 2021 - On Monday evening, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, announced a new lockdown in England to suppress the virus, while a major vaccination programme is rolled out.  New lockdowns have also been announced in Scotland, Wales and NI and firms face a renewed challenge of finding the right tools to connect digitally with colleagues, clients and prospects.

This shift is here to stay and there is no doubt that what has happened in recent months is radically accelerating the digital future with connectivity the best and most natural way to bridge the divide. This e-guide is aimed at helping those who realise that digital is the way forward but are not sure where to start.

Based on a recent podcast that forms part of the MyFirmsApp COVID-19 Support Service for the profession and features James Byrne, CEO and Co-Founder, Accountancy Manager, Sarah Douglas, who has been running her own accounting firm for 20 years and Jennifer Brazer, CEO and Founder of Complete Controller – a US Based cloud company, this e-guide addresses: 

  • Which digital tools improve efficiency, strengthen client relationships and operations
  • How to create a digital experience that works for you and your clients
  • What that digital bridge looks like
  • Is it hard or easy to get started and what might my next step be?
  • An American and UK accountant’s perspective on the benefits they achieve from deploying digital communication tools

About MyFirmsApp developed the first ever custom App for the profession in 2012 and now there are around 3000 accountants that find, with the help of simple and natural digital solutions, they can drive deeper relationships with their clients. 

Delivering powerful technology is only part of the solution to the digital communication challenge faced by firms across the globe. These digital solutions need to be supported with expert services which deliver on the firms' strategic objectives.  High quality, meaningful content produced by our team, allows the accountant to keep their clients informed and always up to date. This commitment to deliver a continual flow of valuable information, tools and connections gives the client a simplified 'all-in-one-place' environment; all aimed at keeping clients closer.  

Presenting the firm as forward-looking, technologically advanced; accessible 24/7 and 'doing-it-for-them' lies at the heart of the business and is what we believe makes MyFirmsApp unique in the industry.