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2nd Oct 2020
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As you all know January can often be a nightmare if self-assessments are left to the last minute! Having worked in the accounting industry for over 7 years, I was always fighting fires right up until midnight of the 31st of January every. Single. Year.  

There's never been a better year to get your ducks in a row early. We are giving away our self-assessment software free of charge to help you streamline your processes and assist with the catastrphe of a year 2020 has been. Here is exactly how we can help you reduce stress this tax year: 

Bulk information gathering 

The age-old problem of gathering your client’s tax records to decide what type of tax return you need to produce. We have solved it! 

Do you email or call each client one by one? With Nomisma you can send a bulk email and easily gather a vast amount of information using our questionnaire. It consists of 15 questions asking your client everything you would need to know to produce their tax return. After answering they will then be prompted to upload any documentation such as P60s, working papers and other documentation. All of which stored within Nomisma ready for you to access at any time. 

Connect directly to HMRC’s API 

Self-assessments can be automated through to filing using our ‘Get Data from HMRC’ feature. You will be able to gather details on employments, pensions, and benefits. This process only takes a click of a button and you will be able to review your clients’ tax return within minutes. Saving a huge amount of time, giving you more time to focus on your business or to simply take a break. 

Digital approval of tax returns 

Clients can approve their tax returns by logging into Nomisma, where you can manage their level of access and what modules they have access to. This is one effortless process which reduces the risk of a GDPR breach, providing you much needed peace of mind during the most stressful time of year! 

Manage workflow with ease 

By using Nomisma’s self-assessment dashboard, you can track submission status, update work statuses, add notes and get a snapshot of each client’s tax. You'll never miss a deadline again, making January 2021 the least stressful filing deadline to date. 

Completely interconnected to automate self-assessments 

Our self-assessment module connects effortlessly with the rest of the Nomisma cloud suite. For example, when you raise dividends or do the bookkeeping for a self-employed individual or partner within a partnership it will automatically populate the relevant sections of your personal tax return. In addition to that, payroll information is also synchronised along with the individual’s P11d! 

We are here to help you save time, improve efficiency and compliance profitability. Want to know more? Book a demo with one of our software gurus or send an email to [email protected] to gain access to our free self-assessment module.