FreeAgent announces a variety of new features to its software, including new search in banking functionality

Brought to you by FreeAgent

The UK’s number one accounting software provider for small businesses, FreeAgent, has just announced a variety of new product updates to help make accountants and their clients' lives easier. The new updates include:

Search in banking

Accountants and their small business clients can now quickly search for bank transaction descriptions, categories and specific amounts in FreeAgent by navigating to the bank account in question and simply entering the information they’re looking for in the new search bar.


This exciting new functionality, combined with FreeAgent’s existing ‘bulk explain’ feature gives accountants and their clients some powerful tools to help them find, analyse and explain bank transactions in the software.

VAT report redesign

Following the introduction of Making Tax Digital for VAT, the full VAT report in FreeAgent has been redesigned to make it crystal clear which transactions are included in each box on small business owners’ VAT returns, as well as giving it a fresh new look.

Grouping expenses on invoices

Accountants and their small business clients now have the option of grouping all project expenses with the same VAT rate on a single invoice line in FreeAgent, keeping invoices extra neat and tidy. All mileage claims with the same mileage rate can be grouped on one line too.


This bounty of new FreeAgent updates arrives not long after Starling Bank launched their brand new FreeAgent integration. Thanks to this integration, clients who are customers of Starling Bank can now seamlessly link their bank account with FreeAgent to automatically import bank transactions.

To find out more about how FreeAgent can help you work with your small business clients, read more here.