FreeAgent integrations that could be a great fit for you and your clients

25th Aug 2020
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At FreeAgent, our integrations connect third-party tools seamlessly with our award-winning accounting software so that our software can work together to support you and your clients. We regularly add new integrations and update existing ones based on our accounting and bookkeeper partner feedback. We're delighted to share these five recent additions and updates to our integrations toolkit.

New integrations


BrightPay is a payroll solution that increases efficiency and eliminates manual processing errors. This new integration enables you and your clients to automatically upload payroll figures from BrightPay into FreeAgent. 


Staffology is a cloud-based payroll system that’s quick and easy to use alongside FreeAgent. The integration saves valuable time by automating the sharing of payroll data between Staffology and FreeAgent.


TaxFiler is a tool for accountants that handles tax computation and accounts production and filing. With this new integration you can import your clients' accounting data directly from FreeAgent into Taxfiler.

Updated integrations

Receipt Bank

Our integration with Receipt Bank enables your clients to get all of their bookkeeping data into FreeAgent with no paper or data entry. With this latest update, the integration is now also available for FreeAgent users with practice login credentials.


AccountancyManager is a CRM and practice management software built to automate many of the repetitive admin tasks for accountants and bookkeepers. AccountancyManager is now able to support integrations with multiple accounting software providers simultaneously. 


Find out more about these integrations and how FreeAgent can help you work with your small business clients here.